Youth-team H.S.Monkeys The Hague representing Greenmonkie!

Tough Lisa!

Team H.S Monkeys checking out the routes














Youth-team Klimmuur Hollands Spoor in action!

We are proud and honored that the kids of Youth-Team of Klimmuur Hollands Spoor are now wearing our Greenmonkie-shirts!
This quite new club of climbing-kids (since start of 2014)  just received their shirt before the first climbing-competition they ever attended!
These talents where bravely competing for the very first time between well experienced and strong climbing kids from other halls.
The guys where doing quite great: Kai & Ruben had some good results they can be proud of!



We were also proud to see how talented Lisa Klem (despite of being ill) climbed her first competition ever and managed to reach the 3rd spot in her category, girls age >12!

Little did we know how ill Lisa really was… Instead of a flu, she was suffering from appendicitis!!

The next day she was rushed into hospital for an operation, finding out that a part was already perforated!

Now she is doing really well as her mother stated:
“She can’t wait to come and climb again next week!”

Although her health is priority number 1 of course, we all can’t help to wonder how she would have performed being 100% healthy, now don’t you? 😉

GreenMonkie wishes Lisa her a good recovery and no doubt that this girl is one tough cookie!!

Climb on Lisa!!

Greenmonkie team!

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