The Alpha Agressor


One morning I hear noises outside and see a climber looking up the trees. He was very kind when I met him the day before, so I’m happy to see him, and I figure he’s probably checking out the monkeys.  The langurs come every morning to our place to drink fresh water from the tap. Yes really, they open the tap with their hands!  
The 6 dogs of the guesthouse go mad, but ofcourse the monkeys are way faster.
Then I notice the climber looked angry into the trees, with something long in his hands… What is he holding in his hands? It´s a rifle!!! Does he really want to shoot the monkeys?! I go out quickly and ask him why. He replies: ´It´s just an air-rifle, it does not kill them, it´s just warning them.´
I say: -´My dad also use to have a rifle, and it can kill!´
-´No it can´t kill, It only hurts them!´ he says, while he took a shot at one langur.
-´But why do you want to hurt them??´ I try talking to him, anything to stop him from shooting.
-´They jump on the roofs! They come inside and steal our cookies! They piss everywhere!´
On that moment, one of the biggest Danish dogs starts peeing huge amounts of urine on the ground. 
Impressed by this guys’ aggression I don’t even mention the urinating dog, like I should.
Suddenly he saiys: ´You know what’s weird? Last year we shot one, and he fell right out of the tree, dead! So strange, nowhere a wound of a bullet, we looked everywhere.. Maybe he had a heartattack.´ 
I personally think the poor monkey was killed by the bullet. Not always blood will splatter around like in the movies, because it could have been a clean hit without blood running when the bullet blocks the stream. Chances are big a puncture like that is difficult to find in the fur.

I reply: ´Well if you shoot the monkey on a sensitive spot for example, if I shoot you here,… (pointing at the temples of my head) But then he steps intimidatingly close to me: ´Yes! And if I shoot YOU HERE´….pointing on the third-eye spot. And again my mouth stays shut. He yells, while banging his hand on his chest: ´This is MY territory.´
I can’t believe the primitive alpha-reaction he shows, the biggest agressive and most dangerous monkey stands right there in front of me.
From that moment, each time we bump into eachother there’s only a very icey: ´hi.´ 
Personally I believe we are in their territory, and for having to survive, they use recourses which are easy to find. For example the fresh water, and the mango’s here, the banatrees of the neighbors. Who can blame them? There must be a balance possible for living together,if only we are all concious and compassionate enough.


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