Flipper surprise


In Perth, close to Fremantle, after a climbing session my friends take me to the ‘Blackwall Reach.’
The name is just a questionmark to me, I have no idea of what to expect -maybe something black?
I’m very happy to discover a 500 meters long rock traverse just above blue water!
It’s a great rough structure, with overhangs above water, tufa’s, little caves and so on.
People jump off the cliffs which can be about 10 meters high. I’m not a hero, so no jumping for me! It’s weird how my fear of heights kicks in just by the idea of falling, even when it’s in water!
The sun setting a bit, climbing, good company, all is perfect. 
But then it even gets better: I see something in the water…do I see what I think I’m seeing?? A small group of dolphins! I scream ‘Dolphins!!’ And everybody stares in awe at the fantastic sight of these beautiful gracious beings..And I keep on looking at them as long as possible.

Now my day is 200% perfect!

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