Climbing Animal Aniek Dutch Youth Champion! Minor detail: Third time in a row.

12195891_10205600919398545_6098792148753324053_nThis girl can climb y’all!!!
While most people chill out on a lazy Sunday, a bunch of hard climbing youngsters had a strong battle on the wall.

It’s the 3rd time in a row our GreenMonkie talent Aniek Lith conquered the 1st spot in the NJK – Dutch Youth Championship!! (Nederlands Jeugd Kampioenschap)
Organized by our GreenMonkie- supporting climbing centre Rocksteady in Bussum! Yesterday was -again- her night!
Aniek tells about the championship:
” After a great BOTS (a 21 hours adventure race) my feet were falling off my legs and I felt like I could sleep for days (or maybe even years, sleeping until a nice person kisses me awake). Luckily I woke up today already and I was impressed by how much better my body felt after only 7 hours of rest. There wasn’t more time to rest, because I had to defend my title of Dutch Youth Champion. Although my body still felt sleepy the competition went ok and I am happy to announce that I am now 3 times consecutively DUTCH YOUTH CHAMPION! 😀 ”

YES. You read it right, just one day before she did a 21-hours adventure race. What is her secret?! We wonder.
And by the way, she will be competing
AGAIN 28th of November, at the Dutch Championships!
Aniek, you continue to amaze us!! Greenmonkie loves you 😀

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