China, Yangshuo

China, Yangshuo
Spectacular scenery, lovely town.

Transport: From Guiling rialway station 1,5 hrs mini-van or bus
To the area’s: Go by bicycle! Everything is reachable on bicycle, which is affordable and to easy rent everywhere in town.
Rock: Limestone.
Overhang available: yes
Length: Most routes are around 20 to 25m high, a 60m rope is suitable for nearly all single-pitch routes.
Busy: no
Multipitch: Mostly singlepitch, a handfull of multipitch
Time: The best months to climb are March through May and September through mid-December. Don’t go during Chinese National holidays as many Chinese tourists like to go to Yangshuo.
Remark: Unfortunately at some routes, locals want money, claiming it’s ‘their’ rock. If you don’t want trouble: either you pay, or leave without climbing. If you refuse to pay but you remain climbing, things can get nasty. Some climbers have been threatened with voilence. Dont be discouraged, the place is awesome and worth the travel.


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