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It’s not just a sport that I have been practicing for over a year. Two and a half years ago, my life changed completely. Divorced after 12 years, with two boys under the age of 7. I wanted to go do something I could do on my days alone, what I would find exciting and scary, a distraction, something new and I thought of climbing.

Never done it, no one I knew did it and I went. The first four weeks I did not go higher than the first eight meters. Not ever. No way.

I was heavy, uncertain, but something got a hold on me. After the first lesson I bought all my own climbing gear and I kept on going every week.

Still no one to climb regular with, so I asked climbers with more experience, if I could go climbing with them. I found it scary. New people, the large open climbing hall, everyone seemed to look at me, to think I was weird, no good, I was so insecure. But I was hooked. Hooked!

I grew slowly. With weeks of frustration, days of progress, moments of fear, sometimes with tears, sometimes with anger, but I stayed. Climbing changed me. Physically and mentally. I saw the progress, sometimes very small, sometimes larger, but the line, the growth was clear. And I loved it so much: the puzzle solving, the falling and yet continuing, being afraid but in a safe environment, people who helped, who were better, an example.

New friendships, contacts, they let me see them and what they already could do. And I learned from them and I learned to see myself through the climbing.

I am lighter, much lighter. Yes physically, but also mentally. Stronger , more resilient. More proud. Driven. Also still afraid. Frustration. Angry at a moment of fear. A route with a difficult crux. A step which I dare not take. A hold that is ‘too small’. No, my mind tells me I am small, not good enough…: ” You can’ t do this”. ” This reach is too far for you. ” Never mind! No way! “. I was and I am my own worst enemy and critic. Climbing thought me that.

I want things to change. They have: yes I freeze or fold sometimes. I try more often to push my limits even though I am fearful. I have to. Because the progress is there, and more and more every day. It is not about the degree or difficulty . Those are just the bonus. Yes, 6a is rad. But how did I get there? By being afraid in a 4. Not trusting my feet. Not reading a route all that well. Scared of pushing my limits.

That is what climbing is: find your limit and go beyond it. Cross that line. Together and alone. Your very own fight, my fight, which you share with your climbing-partner. Watching. Asking. Learning. And on with your own process.

I love climbing. And now I even love myself more.

Veronique Post

Berdorf, Luxembourg

Berdorf, Luxembourg
Incredibly beautiful, fairytail forest, stays cool during summer.

Free parking: yes
Public transport: no
Walk to the area: 10 mins
Rock: Sandstone
Multipitch available: no
Overhang available: yes
Faceroutes available: yes
Overnight stay: yes, camping or hotels.
Busy: yes, during weekends and holidays
Time: The main season for most people is from the beginning of March till the end of October. However, during these months it can become crowded on weekends, with queue forming on many classics! For those wanting to try the harder lines, the best conditions are found in late summer early autumn.
Remark: You are required to get a permit to climb. You cannot and must not climb in Berdorf without. It is quick, easy and free to gain. Wardens do check regularly and will ask you to leave if you can’t provide evidence of a permit. The simplest way is to download a form in Word format from this website. * Completing it takes about 3 minutes then email it back to this email address


India, Hampi

India, Hampi
Biggest boulder-breathtaking area of the world

Transport: Daily buses to Hospet go from Bangalore, Mysore and Gokarna. From Hospet you can go to Hampi on a local bus for ₹20. Book your tickets in advance if you want a coach or an air-con service, because the number of travellers is large (given that the place is very famous with foreigners) and the frequency of buses is less.  There’s also nightbuses.
To the area’s: On foot.
Rock: Granite.
Overhang available: yes
Multipitch:  no
Busy: no
Overnight stay: yes, guesthouses.
Time: The best months to climb from November to February. After that it get’s too hot.
Remark: You can rent crashpads form the guesthouses. Be carefull with the water, don’t drink it. Almost everyone gets ill.



Colombia, Suesca

Colombia, Suesca
Rocas de Suesca, natural cliffs approximately 4 km long. Beautiful lush area, with all sorts of climbing possible.

Transport: Bogota Busstation to Suesca, about 1 hour drive.
To the area’s: . To arrive to the cliffs, you walk from the town along the train tracks for about 10 minutes. (the train only runs very early in the morning, so there is little danger).
Rock: Sandstone.
Overhang available: yes
Multipitch: yes
Faceclimbing: yes
Traditional: Yes.
Length: Various
Busy: Occasionally in weekends slightly busy
Overnight stay: Yes, camping across the railway or guesthouses.
Time: During the whole year stable climate, cool in shade, mornings and evenings, so perfect for climbing!


China, Yangshuo

China, Yangshuo
Spectacular scenery, lovely town.

Transport: From Guiling rialway station 1,5 hrs mini-van or bus
To the area’s: Go by bicycle! Everything is reachable on bicycle, which is affordable and to easy rent everywhere in town.
Rock: Limestone.
Overhang available: yes
Length: Most routes are around 20 to 25m high, a 60m rope is suitable for nearly all single-pitch routes.
Busy: no
Multipitch: Mostly singlepitch, a handfull of multipitch
Time: The best months to climb are March through May and September through mid-December. Don’t go during Chinese National holidays as many Chinese tourists like to go to Yangshuo.
Remark: Unfortunately at some routes, locals want money, claiming it’s ‘their’ rock. If you don’t want trouble: either you pay, or leave without climbing. If you refuse to pay but you remain climbing, things can get nasty. Some climbers have been threatened with voilence. Dont be discouraged, the place is awesome and worth the travel.


Getu, China

Getu, China
Incredible new area..going back in time. “It’s like being in the lost world.”

Transport: From Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou, it is a four- or five-hour taxi or bus trip to Ziyun, then another 45mins by minibus to Getu. The famous crag itself is a short walk into the national park followed by a ferry trip across the river.
Rock: Limestone.
Easy accessible: all area’s are about half an hour walk
Overhang available: yes
Multipitch: Yes
Overnight stay: Yes, guesthouses
Busy: no
Time: Autumn is the driest time, with October especially recommended as it is then that the low rays of the sun are most often caught by the arch.

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