Flipper surprise


In Perth, close to Fremantle, after a climbing session my friends take me to the ‘Blackwall Reach.’
The name is just a questionmark to me, I have no idea of what to expect -maybe something black?
I’m very happy to discover a 500 meters long rock traverse just above blue water!
It’s a great rough structure, with overhangs

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The Stamina Monte Cervino Challenge

Monte Cervino 1last versione

Our Stamina Monte Cervino Challenge was a beneficial climbing event to support great foundations with focus on nature and (climbing)animals. 20 year-old Monte Cervino-hall is shaped as the actual Matterhorn mountain which has 4478 meters altitude. Stamina dared climbers to actually climb 4478 meters in teams within 10 hours! This ment they had to climb

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