What we do:

We organize

We like to take action and want to make a difference by initiating unique charity-activities and event.

Our Events

We donate

Next to giving up part of the profit of the shirts, we also donate to good causes, and collect fund to safe original rainforest.

Our Donations

We sponsor

We want to support extraordinary climbing talent. We are proud of the titles our athlete Aniek Lith is winning;

Our climbing talent

Who are we?

Green Monkie is a combined co-operation of Dutch climbers & travellers who care about our environment. Exploring the world and try to make a positive difference in society and environmental awareness.

Nature provides us not only oxygen, water, food & climbing area’s, but all beautiful places we should cherish forever. Let’s use our power in any way to try protect the last untouched area’s and all vulnerable beings living there.

  • Fairwear
  • Produced with Windpower
  • Climate Neutral
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint
  • Organic soil for the cotton
  • Part of the upbring goes to two Foundations:  ‘AAP(NL) and Jakarta Animal Aid Network(Indonesia)
  • Green Monkie sponsors young climbing talent

You directly support Stichting (Foundation)  AAP, NL and JAAN Foundation Indonesia (Jakarta Animal Aid Network). Stichting AAP is the biggest exotic animal shelter of Europe based in Holland. They take care of abandoned or abused mammals, for example ex-circusanimals or former testing animals from laboratories.

Jaan Foundation is an organization that does fantastic work on environmental education and financially support locals for waste-recycling projects. They organize projects like: protecting coastlines,  provide medical care for sick or injured animals, research and educational projects. But mostly they’re known for rescuing ”dancing monkeys” from the streets of Indonsia.These animal suffer on the streets, forced to do tricks for tourists with masks or dollheads placed over their own heads. They get beaten and terribly abused. Jaan is taking care of these traumatized monkeys, they want to free them in nature. The first group recently got released!



Stamina has ‘adopted’ 3 climbing animals. That means, paying for their care.
With each purchase, part of the upbring goes to these little ones, you directly support them. We´re also raising fund to eventually be able to actually protect the Indonesian rainforest
from logging and poaching. Help us let the monkeys climb in freedom, and protect the lungs of the planet!



Stamina is born in june 2014, her mom is an ex-dancing monkey. JAAN told us: ‘Stamina is doing very well. She eats by herself and has a very social character. She’s not climbing yet, but we think it won’t be long before she’ll start to climb by herself.


Lampong monkey

Comes from Poland, and has severe deformated bones, which tells us that she has lacked sunlight. This probably means that in her past she was in a small dark cage for years where she could’nt move.


hudson squirrel

Not much information is known about Chikaree, just that he first was over-handed by a German wild-life sanctuary after being privately-owned. He is an independed lively squirrel, but timid toward humans.

Help us let the monkeys climb in freedom, and protect the lungs of the planet!

Climb green with Green Monkie

Earth Positive

Using sustainable energy
& combat climate change

Fair Wear

Improvelabourconditions for garment workers

Soil Assosation

Healthy soil, healthy people,
healthy planet

Wind Powered

Thirty wind turbines generate a source of electricity

Carbon Trust

For a sustainable
lowcarbon economy


Jakarta Animal,
Aid Network


Opvang voor uitheemse dieren


100% natural/organic
product& GM Free