Berdorf, Luxembourg

Berdorf, Luxembourg
Incredibly beautiful, fairytail forest, stays cool during summer.

Free parking: yes
Public transport: no
Walk to the area: 10 mins
Rock: Sandstone
Multipitch available: no
Overhang available: yes
Faceroutes available: yes
Overnight stay: yes, camping or hotels.
Busy: yes, during weekends and holidays
Time: The main season for most people is from the beginning of March till the end of October. However, during these months it can become crowded on weekends, with queue forming on many classics! For those wanting to try the harder lines, the best conditions are found in late summer early autumn.
Remark: You are required to get a permit to climb. You cannot and must not climb in Berdorf without. It is quick, easy and free to gain. Wardens do check regularly and will ask you to leave if you can’t provide evidence of a permit. The simplest way is to download a form in Word format from this website. * Completing it takes about 3 minutes then email it back to this email address


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