Getu, China

Getu, China
Incredible new area..going back in time. “It’s like being in the lost world.”

Transport: From Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou, it is a four- or five-hour taxi or bus trip to Ziyun, then another 45mins by minibus to Getu. The famous crag itself is a short walk into the national park followed by a ferry trip across the river.
Rock: Limestone.
Easy accessible: all area’s are about half an hour walk
Overhang available: yes
Multipitch: Yes
Overnight stay: Yes, guesthouses
Busy: no
Time: Autumn is the driest time, with October especially recommended as it is then that the low rays of the sun are most often caught by the arch.

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The Alpha Agressor


One morning I hear noises outside and see a climber looking up the trees. He was very kind when I met him the day before, so I’m happy to see him, and I figure he’s probably checking out the monkeys.  The langurs come every morning to our place to drink fresh water from the tap.

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Flipper surprise


In Perth, close to Fremantle, after a climbing session my friends take me to the ‘Blackwall Reach.’
The name is just a questionmark to me, I have no idea of what to expect -maybe something black?
I’m very happy to discover a 500 meters long rock traverse just above blue water!
It’s a great rough structure, with overhangs

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